Motorcycle Accidents

Ronald D. Wilton has handled vehicle accident cases on behalf of persons injured in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle or truck accidents for over 30 years. Such motor vehicle accidents include those involving drunk or hit-and-run drivers, uninsured or under-insured drivers, as well as accidents occurring from pedestrians hit by motor vehicles.

What makes Wilton Law & Mediation different is that Mr. Wilton has also represented insurance companies and their insureds in defense of the same types of claims for over 30 years. By doing so, he has an uncanny understanding of what it takes to be successful from either side of the issue while still maintaining the professional respect of colleagues from both sides of the business.

Motorcycle accidents require a more experienced awareness of the different challenges motorcycle operators face. Most incidents occur through the inattention of truck and car drivers who failed to recognize that the motorcycle was there or had the right of way. Motorcycle drivers are required to be specially licensed and have to comply with most of the same rules of the road as other vehicles. Knowledge of these issues is crucial to successfully pursue a claim on behalf of a motorcycle operator or passenger.

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of a vehicle injury case involves researching and locating persons or companies responsible for the driver's conduct. Occasionally liability is clear, such as finding the registered owner to be responsible, but others, including employers, parents, and principals, may also be required to compensate an injured party under theories of direct or vicarious liability.

The search for persons vicariously responsible for the driver's conduct requires an attorney with experience and creativity. A successful search for others responsible for the driver's conduct can be beneficial such as where an employer, with significant insurance coverage, is found to be liable for their employee's conduct and the injured party, instead of accepting a small policy limit recovery of $15,000, is able to be compensated for the full value of their claim. A person with significant injuries should seek the advice of an attorney who knows how to maximize a recovery.

Fees for such cases are always on a contingency basis so that both attorney and client benefit from the larger the settlement or award. There is never a charge in the event there is no recovery.

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