Being Proactive Is The Best Form Of Prevention

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer dismisses an employee for issues that appear to be connected to discrimination, harassment or retaliation against the employee. While employers in states like California have the right to terminate employees for any reason, or no reason, there are laws that pertain to employee termination that employers still have to follow. If these rules are violated, the employee may have been "wrongfully terminated."

Many individuals are hesitant to speak out about inappropriate treatment in the workplace, fearing presenting a complaint could lead to termination. However, the best thing an employee can do is to be proactive, but to do so properly. Often, the best time to consult with an attorney is before the company takes action against the employee and to learn when and how to properly complain to protect their rights and to lay the groundwork for a successful claim should the company respond wrongly.

Attorney Ronald D. Wilton has worked with clients throughout Los Angeles County from his law office located in Encino. He has 35 years of experience dealing with employment law matters and is ready to speak with potential clients to discuss their concerns and provide some insight into the situation and the best course of action for the future.

Know Your Rights. Call Today.

It can be frightening to be without a job. However, to lose a job or be harassed simply because of discrimination or harassment is unacceptable. If you are having difficulties at work and are unsure of your options, you need to call an attorney. Alternatively, if you are experiencing a hostile work environment, do not wait until the situation escalates. Call Wilton Law & Mediation today at 818-906-3500 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.