Wrongful Termination Claim Defense

In California, employees are presumed to be employed "at will." This term means that the employee can be fired at any time, for any reason, and that the employee is free to leave whenever he or she desires. However, the employer's ability to fire an at-will employee is not absolute. Under certain circumstances, the at-will presumption is overcome and no longer provides a defense to the employer's misconduct. A person fired based upon one of the exceptions to the at-will relationship may have a case for wrongful termination.

The most common situations of wrongful termination arise when the employee is subjected to unlawful discrimination, is sexually harassed, is subjected to unlawful retaliation, or where the termination specifically violates a stated public policy. Ronald D. Wilton has successfully defended wrongful termination cases on behalf of businesses of all sizes, from a single employee to thousands of employees.

The best time to consult an experienced employment attorney is actually before an irrevocable decision has been made to terminate an employee. Mr. Wilton has served as an outside consultant to review pre-termination decisions to protect the employer against a potentially meritorious claim. Frequently documentation is inadequate or pre-termination communication broke down, leaving the employee with the erroneous belief a valid claim may exist. Such situations result in litigation or otherwise result in a significant expense in terms of time and money that could have been avoided.

Only an experienced lawyer, familiar not only with the law, but knowledgeable in how the law would be applied to a particular fact situation, can provide the most helpful advice. At Wilton Law & Mediation, Ronald D. Wilton is that attorney.

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