Client Reviews

Hiring Ron Was the Best Business Decision I Have Made

I hired Ron to help me in a case against a company that boasted they "never lose." I was hoping to settle, if possible. Ron was upfront and honest from the beginning. He told me what to expect and seemed to anticipate the other party's moves before they were even made. They would not accept a reasonable settlement so we had to go to trial. He had a few theories he said might work and amazingly, he was right! We won and for years I have told people that hiring Ron was the best business decision I ever made.

- C.A.

Highly Recommend This Firm

I found this law firm on line and was very hesitant to try a firm about whom I had no information. After meeting with Ron Wilton, I was certain that he was a reliable and knowledgeable attorney. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. He is a very confident attorney and a nice human being.

- Anna

Trustworthy And Knowledgeable

I highly recommend Ron Wilton as an attorney for anyone. When I have had questions about certain matters he gave me honest, expert advice without trying to sign me up for matters where an attorney wasn't needed. He helped me to get compensated when an attorney in another state was incompetent. He has been open and generous with his time when I have had questions. I truly admire and respect him.

- Cheryl Sawyer

Highly Recommended

I've never had the need to file a lawsuit before and I contacted quite a few attorneys. Ron was first to respond, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Our case was quite complicated and his expertise, patience and determination were key in a favorable outcome. He provided various options and strategies in handling our case. He kept me well informed, up to date, and I always felt that Ron was always looking out for our best interests. He knew right from the start that our case would be challenging and difficult but his determination and confidence never wavered despite the fact that he was up against three lawyers from the opposition. He kept everything real and believed in our case. I would definitely retain his services again if the need rises. Highly recommended.

- Yusaku

Top Notch

I needed legal council for a work-related issue; I contacted Ron Wilton and I'm glad I did. Ron was easy to talk to, and highly professional due to the sensitive nature of my case. Ron always kept me informed and up to speed by email as well as phone calls. I felt very confident that I chose the right lawyer. I highly recommend Ron Wilton for his honesty, expertise and work ethics. His courtesy and professionalism are beyond reproach. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. If I ever need legal council again I will definitely call Ron Wilton.

- Lisa

A Great Attorney And A Great Human Being!

Not only did Mr. Wilton initially provide an answer to my online question, he actually followed through with several very helpful responses. The following day, I called his office and spoke with his terrific assistant Dina, who facilitated a phone call between Mr. Wilton and myself. Not only did he take so much time over the phone to hear my issue, he actually called me back after having to take another call! He is certainly a knowledgeable, very qualified attorney who has the rare gift of empathy and humanity. He is definitely the one to call for help!

- Joyce