We Are Here To Listen To Your Concerns

At Wilton Law & Mediation, we take the time to understand our clients. When a new client contacts our office, we listen to their concerns and what they hope to see as a solution, not because we get paid to do so, but because we care.  We understand that those who come to see us have legitimate worries and trust us to provide honest answers.  Sometimes the answers are not what was expected, but we will always endeavor to provide an evaluation that is both honest and clear. We at Wilton Law & Mediation do not take that trust they place with us lightly. We work with clients on matters pertaining to:

  • Employment law
    • Wage and hour issues
    • Harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Retaliation
  • Business litigation
  • General litigation
  • Personal injury
  • Mediation

We Take The Tough Cases

Ronald D. Wilton, Esq. developed vast experience derived from 35 years of practice in civil litigation and business representation and understands both sides, plaintiffs and defendants. He recognizes the full scope of the issue at hand and the best way to resolve it.  As an accomplished litigator, Mr. Wilton understands the importance of developing a case from the ground up. By taking into consideration all perspectives, he can better guide his clients toward intelligent solutions that achieve their immediate as well as long-term goals.

Mr. Wilton also provides mediation services for individuals and businesses in need of conflict resolution. There are multiple programs available based on the participants' mediation needs.

Take The First Step In Resolving Your Issue. Contact Us Now.

Why wait to get the answers you need, when a simple phone call or email can start the dialogue?  We at Wilton Law & Mediation are conveniently located in Encino, California, and serve clients throughout Southern California including Los Angeles County and Ventura Counties. The initial consultation is always free and confidential. Call us today at 818-906-3500 or reach us online to take the first step toward finding a legal solution for your problem.